Worldcoin (WLD) Announces Recipients of Wave1 Community Grants

    The Worldcoin (WLD) Foundation has announced the selected grantees for Wave1 of the Worldcoin Community Grants Program. Building on the success of the inaugural Wave0, the Wave1 grantees are set to collaborate with other Worldcoin contributors to innovate and advance different parts of the Worldcoin Tech Tree, according to Worldcoin.

    Empowering Innovators

    The Community Grants Program is designed to empower passionate builders who are keen to explore the frontiers of innovation and contribute to Worldcoin’s mission of building the world’s largest human network. This initiative aims to improve trust online and enhance access to the global economy.

    The 17 awarded projects in Wave1 span across various domains, including novel governance mechanisms, Secure Multi-party Computation (SMPC), and improved developer experiences. These projects are expected to play a significant role in the advancement of the Worldcoin ecosystem.

    Continued Support for Wave0 Grantees

    In addition to the new grantees in Wave1, the program also includes follow-on support for some of the Wave0 grantees. Among them is TACEO, which has made significant strides in biometric template protection and facilitated the secure deletion of Worldcoin’s previous iris code system. TACEO will continue to work on newer iterations of SMPC technology, aiming to achieve unprecedented levels of privacy protection for WorldID verified users.

    For more details, visit the official Worldcoin website.

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