Trailblazers: Taiko Announces Week 3 Challenge Extension

    The Trailblazers: Call of Taiko campaign has exciting news for its participants as the Week 3 Challenge is extended to two weeks, according to This extension allows gamers more time to earn the coveted Bouncer Faction badge and accumulate XP points.

    Week 3 Challenge Details

    From June 24 to July 7, players engaging in games on Taiko and performing in-game on-chain activities will be rewarded with a Bouncer Faction badge. This badge not only signifies their achievements but also acts as a multiplier for XP points, enabling faster ranking progression.

    Participating Games

    Taiko offers a variety of games for participants to enjoy and earn rewards. The eight exciting games available are:

    Gaming on Taiko

    Taiko encourages gamers to try out the listed games, have fun, and become part of its large crypto community. The platform aims to scale Ethereum and create a new gaming scene with its innovative Boosted technology.


    Gamers are urged not to miss the excitement of the Trailblazers program. Join the Week 3 Challenge, earn the Bouncer Faction badge, and contribute to the mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more challenges and updates as the Call of Taiko progresses!

    For more information on the Trailblazers program, visit the official source.

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