Top 3 Solana Meme Coins To Buy Amid The Bitcoin Crash That Could 10x

    As the Bitcoin price crash has ravaged the crypto market and left altcoins suffering, it has presented a unique buying opportunity for meme coins that may never come after this time. So here are the top 3 meme coins that could 10x your portfolio from here.

    Solana-Based Myro Leads Meme Coins With Potential

    Solana-based meme coins have been all the rave over the past year and with good reason as well. These meme coins have done so well in such a short time, coming up to compete with established Ethereum-based meme coins which have been around for years.

    With the likes of WIF and BONK already crossing the $1 billion market cap market, the hunt is on for other Solana-based meme coins that could achieve this same feat, and that is where the Myro token comes in. Myro currently has a $200 million market cap, which makes it a prime candidate for crossing $1 billion. However, its most bullish developments have been its exchange listings.

    Myro scored a Binance perpetual listing last month, which pushed its market cap above $400 million for the first time. It has since retraced, but this retracement is similar to what was seen with WIF, which fell back down to $180 million at a point. If Myro follows the WIF playbook, then its next leg up could see it rise more than 5x above the $1 billion mark.

    Popcat: Another Solana Meme Coin On The Rise

    Popcat is another Solana meme coin that has made waves in the space over the past few months. After a long stretch of consolidation, the price had eventually broken out in February to reach a new all-time high price of $0.37 in mid-March.

    The price has since retraced a little over 50% since then and is now back to $0.17 with a market cap of $167 million. As with the majority of other meme coins, the total supply of the token is in circulation, which means there are no more unlocks coming up.

    At the current market cap, reaching the $1 billion mark would be an over 500% increase for the meme coin. And with the bull market coming up, the price of Popcat could rally higher, bringing a more than 10x return for investors.

    Wen (WEN) Meme Coin

    Wen (WEN) is another Solana-based meme coin that has hit the crypto space in the last few months. Starting out as an airdrop for users of the Solana-based Jupiter decentralized exchange, it has quickly grown among meme coin investors as one of the more stable investments.

    Just like the other meme coins on this list, the WEN token shows a lot of promise because it is still under a $200 million market cap. This puts it at an at least 5x move to $1 billion, with a possible 10x when it reaches the $2 billion market cap mark.

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