Matrixport Unveils First Private Strategy Trading Competition

    Matrixport, Asia’s largest one-stop financial services platform, has announced the launch of its first private strategy trading competition. The competition, which began on June 24, 2024, consists of a weekly trial held over four consecutive weeks. Each week, participants have the opportunity to share in 3700 USDT, receive limited edition swag, and apply for multi-exchange trading privileges and top VIP rates, according to the Matrixport Blog.

    Competition Structure and Rewards

    The competition will run until July 22, 2024, with two main rankings: the “AUM Growth Ranking” and the “Strategy Investment Popularity List.” Matrixport will announce the results of each weekly trial two working days after the trial ends, based on the profit amount and the number of orders placed by the strategy. Shortlisted strategies can share the weekly 3700 USDT prize pool and enjoy exclusive VIP rates and a customized award package.

    Participants can register for the competition and rankings through a designated link provided by Matrixport. The private strategy products offered by Matrixport are known for their high flexibility, low entry barriers, and robust asset security. These products ensure that traders have only the trading rights of sub-accounts, with no withdrawal or transfer rights, safeguarding user assets stored on mainstream exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Gate, KuCoin, Bybit,, Deribit, and Bitget.

    Product Development and User Needs

    Lockie, Product Director of Matrixport, emphasized the importance of user needs in product development. He noted that there has been a strong demand for quality private strategy investments during periods of market correction and consolidation. In response to this demand, Matrixport’s R&D team has spent several months developing and testing new products, including the “Promotion Agent Plan,” set to launch in July. This plan allows users to understand and purchase private strategies through an agent or earn commissions by promoting the agent plan.

    Affiliate Program and Security Measures

    In addition to the trading competition, Matrixport has also launched its Affiliate Program. Affiliates can receive competitive rewards, community activity support, and increased visibility within the industry. The program is open to blockchain enthusiasts, crypto influencers, and dedicated Matrixport supporters, aiming to enhance Matrixport’s influence in the industry and promote blockchain finance development.

    Matrixport prioritizes the security of user assets and needs. The Cactus Custody™ solution, independently developed by Matrixport, has a proven track record of zero incidents. This solution ensures comprehensive protection for user assets through dynamic asset re-allocation between hot and cold wallets, HSM encryptor storage for wallet private keys, and dual measures for increased account security. Additionally, Matrixport employs 24-hour user activity monitoring and the Four-Eyes Principle to minimize internal malicious activities. The platform has acquired several security licenses, including ISO 27001, ISO 27701, SOC 2 Type 1, and SOC 2 Type 2.

    Matrixport’s initiatives, including the private strategy trading competition and the Affiliate Program, reflect its commitment to providing quality products and services while ensuring the highest standards of asset security and user satisfaction.

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