Cross-chain universal app states could reduce EVM development by 90% – Skate CEO

    Siddharth Lalwani is on a mission to redefine the blockchain ecosystem with Skate, a universal application layer integrated with EigenLayer that enables apps to run seamlessly across thousands of chains with a single, unified state. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Range Protocol, the company behind Skate, Siddharth brings deep expertise in web3 infrastructure and DeFi from his experience at leading firms like Altonomy, Point72, Bybit, Certik, and Citigroup.

    In this exclusive interview, Siddharth shares his vision for solving the challenges of application fragmentation and liquidity silos that plague the current multi-chain landscape. He explains how Skate’s innovative approach of embedding interoperability into the core application logic can streamline development, enhance user experiences, and unlock the true potential of a modular web3 future.

    Siddharth also addresses key topics such as:

    • How Skate integrates with EigenLayer and other prominent blockchain ecosystems to deliver fast finality and robust security
    • Balancing Skate’s disruptive potential with the need to harmoniously coexist within established networks
    • Overcoming the practical challenges of unifying diverse blockchain environments under a universal application scope
    • Skate’s economic implications for developers and its strategies for driving adoption
    • Responding to skepticism and critical feedback about Skate’s ambitious goals

    With support from major players like Polygon, Manta, Axelar, and more, Skate is poised to shape the next evolution of blockchain app development. Read on for an illuminating discussion with one of the leading minds at the forefront of this exciting frontier.

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