CoinList announces Bondex (BNDX) community sale with Revised Participation Model

    CoinList announces Bondex’s community sale with new user-friendly updates, including a 7-day purchase window and no queues. Token listing expected on June 11, 2024.

    CoinList, a prominent platform for new token offerings and cryptocurrency trading, has recently announced the Bondex (BNDX) community sale, showcasing an innovative approach to decentralized talent networking. This sale marks the platform’s continued commitment to fostering the growth of early-stage blockchain projects through community-driven initiatives.

    Following a successful series of sold-out community sales earlier this year, CoinList is set to commence the Bondex sale on March 21, 2024, at 17:00 UTC, which will run until March 28, 2024, at the same time. Bondex is positioned as a Web3 talent network that disrupts traditional profit-centric recruitment models, aiming to realign economic incentives between recruiters, talent, and companies.

    A key aspect of this announcement is CoinList’s revamped approach to community sales. Noteworthy updates include an extended purchase window, allowing users to participate at their convenience within a 7-day period. This modification eliminates the need for participants to wake up at inconvenient hours to secure a spot in the often stressful queue system.

    Additionally, CoinList has removed the queue system in favor of a more equitable selection process. Users can now submit their purchase requests at any time during the sale window. CoinList will place a hold on the funds in the user’s wallet, and successful requests will be randomly selected at the end of the purchase period. This system promises to streamline the experience and reduce anxiety for participants.

    The Bondex sale features 50 million BDXN tokens, representing 5% of the total supply, at a price of $0.08 per token. An additional allotment of 31.25 million tokens may be made available at Bondex’s discretion. The tokenomics include a lockup and release schedule, where 25% of the tokens unlock after a 75-day period, with the remaining 75% vesting over 12 months. The initial purchase limits are set at a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $500, accepting only USDT/USDC.

    The anticipation for the Bondex token exchange listing is high, with an expected date on or around June 11, 2024. Prior to the community sale, Bondex had conducted an incentivized rewards program on CoinList, resulting in over 75,000 users engaging with the platform by downloading the app and creating professional profiles.

    CoinList’s announcement reinforces their mission to democratize access to crypto and blockchain innovations, ensuring a fair and stress-free participation experience for their community. As the industry evolves, CoinList continues to adapt its processes to meet the needs of a growing and diverse user base.

    Despite the excitement around the Bondex community sale, CoinList reminds potential participants of the legal disclaimer that the sale is not available for residents of the United States, China, Canada, South Korea, and certain other jurisdictions. The platform maintains its commitment to compliance and urges interested parties to consult local regulations before participating.

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