Bitcoin Supply On Exchanges Hit 4-Year Low, But Why Is Price Crashing?

    Certain Bitcoin fundamentals suggest the flagship crypto token is well primed for further growth in this bull market. However, its recent price decline has sparked concerns about the reason for this downward trend despite everything pointing to a sustained upward movement. 

    Bitcoin Supply On Exchanges Hit 4-Year Low

    Data from the on-chain analysis platform CryptoQuant highlighted that the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges has seen nearly a 40% drop in 4 years and is reducing ahead of the Bitcoin halving. This underscores the bullish sentiment around the Bitcoin ecosystem as the decreasing supply on supply suggests that most investors have no plans to sell their holdings anytime soon. 

    The CryptoQuant data also noted that Bitcoin’s demand is outpacing its supply, which is said to have been the prevailing trend since 2020. This development offers a bullish narrative as it can continue to increase Bitcoin’s value since “scarcity boosts perceived value.” This trend is also expected to be sustained once the Halving occurs since miners’ supply will be cut in half

    Interestingly, the imbalance between Bitcoin’s demand and supply has led crypto analysts like MacronautBTC to believe that BTC’s price could rise to as high as $237,000. As such, there are still high expectations for Bitcoin despite the crypto token hitting a new all-time high (ATH) of $73,750. 

    Why Bitcoin’s Price Is Crashing

    Crypto analyst Alex Kruger has outlined different reasons why Bitcoin’s price is crashing despite its strong fundamentals. The first reason he alluded to was the fact that crypto traders in the derivatives market look to be overleveraged, possibly because greed seems set to be setting in with traders deploying more capital in anticipation of further price surges. 

    Kruger mentioned that the ETH could also be dragging the market down with the hopes of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) approving the Spot Ethereum ETFs waning. Bitcoinist recently reported that the approval odds for these investment funds have plummeted immensely in the past few months, dropping to an alarming 35%. 

    The third reason that Kruger mentioned is the negative Bitcoin ETF inflows, which have become a trend lately. Interest in these Bitcoin funds has cooled off, with investors opting to take profit instead. On March 19, BitMEX Research revealed that these ETFs saw a record net outflow of $326m. 

    Crypto trader and analyst Rekt Capital also suggested that Bitcoin is already in the ‘Final Pre-Halving Retrace.’ Therefore, significant price corrections can be expected ahead of the Halving event, which is set to take place in April. 

    At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at around $63,000, down in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

    BTC rises above $64,000 | Source: BTCUSD on

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